Clearing Lack | Individual and Generational | Famine | Trauma Affecting Manifesting

Shielding From Planetary Energy Overwhelm

planetary energies, retrograde, shielding, mercury, moon energy

Open to Receive Love and Support

Open to receive, open to receive love, I am supported, positive steps, open to receive healing

Reset Body Clock | Time Change Adaptation | Baby Sleep Schedule Reset

Reset body clock, reset sleep schedule, sleep issues, time change,

Healing Stress Held in the Gut | Adrenal Reset | Tension Headaches | Gut Issues

Stress symptoms, adrenal fatigue, tension headache, upset stomach from stress

Healthy Skin | Clear Skin Tags | Moles | Eczema | Dry Skin and more

healthy skin, skin tags, moles, eczema, dry skin, skin patches, thinning skin

Fear of Moving Forward

Fears, unrealized goals, self-sabotage, fear of change, root chakra issues

Clearing the Cause of Fears

Fear, generational fears, self-defeating behavior, scared,

Calming Frequency | Relaxing | Anti-Anxiety

Calming, fear, anxiety, soothing, relaxing

Calming | Self-Soothing | Regulate | Children | Bedtime

Bedtime, relaxing, calming, regulating, self-soothe

Back Pain | Inflammation

Back pain, lower back pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, leg pain, sciatica, nerve pain, neck pain

Lung Healing | Chronic

lung issues, chronic lung, generational grief, generational lung damage

Clearing Abandonment

abandonment, feeling alone, being open to receive, feeling safe

Clearing Betrayal Energy

betrayal, abandonment, feeling alone, lack of support

UnHealthy/Non-Beneficial Weight Release | Reset Body Image

weight release, body image, letting go, feeling safe

Polarity | Grounding | Feeling Safe

reset polarity, grounding, feeling safe, grounded

CHAKRAS | Heart/Lung Issues | Grief | Loss

grief, lung issues, heart issues, loss, chakra, bacteria virus affecting 4th chakra

RELATIONSHIPS | Guilt | Self-Doubt | Anger Especially in Parenting

parenting support, guilt, self-doubt, anger, relationships

Clearing Individual and Generational Biased Ideas, Misconceptions and False Beliefs

limited beliefs, false ideas, bias, misconceptions, closed-mindedness

Endocrine System Support and Reset

endocrine system, adrenal glands, hormone balancing, thyroid balancing,