Beth Rice, Medical, Emotional and Generational intuitive | Usui Reiki Master Teacher | Founder of Enhanced LaHoChi | Practitioner of EFT | Certified Sound Based Healer | Ho'oponopono | Homeopathy ...and more

Since 1994, beth has been involved in natural based healing techniques.

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A bit about beth

For those who know me, you know I don't like talking about "me" but it's necessary for those who are seeking help in identifying or clearing issues that affect their health.
I started with natural/holistic based work in 1994 after my second son was born with multiple distonement disorders. I was led to homeopathy to help him to heal after his pediatrician said that he would have "multiple surgeries by the time he was 5." I prayed, researched, and felt led to homeopathy, and a particular remedy. Long story short, he experienced a miraculous healing with the right remedy in a few weeks. He is now in his late-20s and never had to have any surgeries.
After I discovered the remarkable results with homeopathy, I started a homeopathy study group in Huntsville, AL to learn more and to help others learn.
Flash forward a few years, I realized that I had some intuitive abilities that allowed me pick up on imbalances that people were experiencing. Sometimes, I pick up on a nutritional deficiency. Sometimes I "see" a trapped emotion - and what it was causing for the person. Sometimes I "hear" a trauma-based story. It varies with each person, but I soon realized that I could intentionally tap into a person and "see" what they need to do to be in a healthier state. I also realized that my gifts allowed me to clear many of the imbalances that the person was dealing with, or, at times, I would be led to coach them on what they needed to do to allow their body to heal. I also have been blessed with some amazing experiences with generational healing.
I have studied extensively in the last almost 30 years since my experience with my son. I am now a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and a certified LaHoChi practitioner. I added several hand positions/clearings to original LaHoChi and am the founder of Enhanced LaHoChi. I also practice EFT, am a certified sound based healer, utilize Ho'oponopono, homeopathy, herbalism, and more.
The body has been given amazing healing abilities. I don't heal. I simply help to remove blocks that may be preventing your body from being at its best.
In addition to private and group intuitive sessions, including generational work, I teach natural-based healing courses, and have developed self-guided healing scripts to help those who want or need to do their own work, or who need extra work than my private or group sessions offer.
This story is a work in progress. I continue to strive to stay close to God, while helping people to use what God gave them to be healthy...their own immune system.
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My client sessions are DISTANCE based via  Signal App, FB Messenger, Text, Zoom or Phone.
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