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Private Intuitive Individual and Family Sessions,
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Private Client Visits

Distance Based Intuitive New Client (first time visits) and Follow-Up Visits
with beth rice, for Individuals,
Families and Even Pets!

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Topic-Based Groups

Affordable Distance Based Group Sessions For All Ages! Available in Single Day, Weekly or Monthly Plans for Individuals or Families!

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Healing Wurks Academy

Fully Online Courses
That Include Homeopathy,
Reiki, Enhanced LaHoChi,
Sound Based Healing, as well as One-on-One mentoring!

Self-Healing Tools

I have used sound based frequencies for years and would go to YouTube to muscle test the best one for a client for each issue they needed help with from many different sources.
I decided to create my own series in 2023 and I have already seen and heard of amazing results. These are perfect for an AD-FREE experience. I create a frequency for each day's topic on my Daily Topic Based Group sessions, as well as usually include one or more for clients who choose a private session with me. These work great standalone or with one of my Self-guided Healing Scripts. My group attendees get full access to the library with their membership. Others can buy a subscription for a single frequency for 24 hours, or for week or 4-week access to the whole library.
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Image of Healing Deep Trauma self-guided healing script

For those who are looking to do healing work on your own, or for those who need some clearing in addition to my private intuitive sessions, the self-guided scripts will walk you through clearing trapped emotions with a healing frequency, writing assignments, and/or other clearing activities in a step-by-step format.
You can use these scripts for up to one year from the date of delivery.
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* How Do Your Group Sessions Work?


I have begun using DAILY GROUP SESSIONS to allow more people to benefit from the amazing benefits that LaHoChi, Chakra balancing, polarity and grounding can offer people of all ages. Sign up for a group session by clicking the link.

There are multiple studies which prove that energy work such as Reiki, Enhanced LaHoChi, polarity resetting, Chakra clearing and grounding etc. can be done via distance, meaning the client is in one location, the practitioner in another. They also show that multiple people can benefit from the same session, so long as the intention is set accordingly. Intuitively if I pick up the need to clear someone for say, fear of the future, all group members who need to have the same thing released will benefit from the clearing. You can check out the schedule of the coming group topics by clicking the calendar link.

Amazingly affordable rates start at $7 for a single individual session, and $11 for a family session.

You can also sign up for 4-week block of sessions for individuals at $99 and families for $199. This can be used stand-alone, or you can add in Private Intuitive Sessions for individuals or families to work along with the group sessions. The individual 4-week plan includes a Private 30-minute session, and the 4-week family plan includes a Private one hour session!

The 4-week group package include 6-day a week group sessions. If possible, you can take time out during the session time and relax and meditate, but if you are not able to pause, know that you do not have to be "present" to experience the benefits.

(I have discovered that my clients tend to benefit from a once-a-week private half or full session, and then daily group sessions to allow for the best possible healing support.)


What is Reiki?


Reiki is used in hospitals around the US and the world as well as in private practices for all ages as well - and even pets. Reiki can be performed in person, with either light touch or non-touch sessions, or remotely.
Reiki has been shown to calm, soothe and to enhance immune function.

There are many scientific studies on the efficacy of Reiki and other energy healing techniques. Einstein was one of the first to recognize that everything is made of energy, and that energy can be affected and manipulated simply through intention.

A Reiki and/or LaHoChi session can help to restore balance, calm, reduce anxiety, help with sleep issues, help the body to better clear toxins and more. Balancing energy is key to leading a fulfilling life as it affects all areas of our being; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Do Distance Energy Sessions Really Work?


As surprising as it may seem, the answer is YES! Distance Based Energy Sessions can and do work as effectively as in person visits! Consider this study in the US government site, The National Library of Medicine from The National Institutes of Health, that shows just this!


Is Enhanced LaHoChi similar to Reiki?


Enhanced LaHoChi is similar in that both techniques can be used in person, via touch or non-touch sessions, as well as via distance healing. Reiki is typically used to calm, to balance and to boost immune function.

Enhanced LaHoChi is very powerful, and even includes the Reiki frequencies, but you might say it is a higher powered form of energy healing and can activate and heal quicker than Reiki does typically. Reiki is more widely known and has more scientific studies simply because it has been around longer. Reiki is often used in hospitals and private clinics. As mentioned, it has been around longer than LaHoChi, so more people are aware of it. Both are valued and have their place. As an intuitive practitioner, I use Enhanced LaHoChi because in my experience with clients, I have seen the most amazing results from this technique. Enhanced LaHoChi includes the Reiki frequencies so it's an easy choice for just about everyone. Having access to both means more tools for the healing toolbox.

Update! I have often been amazed at the power of Enhanced LaHoChi to transform people intuitively. I have been utilizing even more Enhanced LaHoChi in my client sessions lately, and because of the fantastic results, have begun to include at least a brief session of LaHoChi for all clients.
I am now also doing topic based daily group sessions that can allow individuals and families to experience the benefits without having to be online or connect for a personal session. (You do not have to be "present," in person or on-line, to participate in the group sessions. )

My own technique, Enhanced LaHoChi is an powerful intuitive energy modality for all ages, and just like Reiki, it works great on pets, plants and other living organisms! It's one of the most powerful, yet affordable ways to release trapped emotions, align you to your best goals, and to help you to feel more in control of your life!


What does a Private Session Include?


As a practitioner with intuitive capabilities, each session can be different. I am able to pick up on, and clear trapped emotions and energy based imbalances. In a private (non-group) session, I typically clear and balance Chakras, reset polarity and ground, and intuitively scan for deficiencies or trapped emotions. I help to remove blocks and energetically align people to their goals and help them to focus on what they need to do to allow their bodies to truly heal and so they can improve their lives.

Whether the session is done in person, or remotely via FB messenger, phone, text etc., the results are the same. Distance healing is shown to be an effective form of healing therapy. Consider these studies of distance based healing done on cells, plants, animals and humans.




Symptoms are often the body's attempt at regaining balance, or to get our attention so we can make necessary changes in diet, thought, or activities. Allopathic medicine teaches that the symptoms are the problem, and that they should be suppressed or artificially stopped by using medications that cause more harm than help.

An example would be a fever, which is meant to help to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi or other invaders - our body has amazing tools to heal imbalances. A fever, in a well-hydrated person who doesn't have a compromised immune system, is a good thing. Yet one of the first recommendations that allopathic medicine offers when treating almost any patient with a fever, is some OTC medication the is meant to bring the fever down - undermining the body's attempts to repair itself.

Every allopathic medicine/treatment has side-effects that can include symptoms that are often more harmful than what it treats. The potential for death is even a known side-effect in many drugs, yet we spent more than $374 BILLION dollars on prescription medications in 2014 for the US alone. (Source Time.com)

True healing means getting to the CAUSE of the symptom. The key is to listen to our body and figure out the CAUSE of the imbalance and fix it as soon as you notice being out of sorts. Considering the toll that medications and medical treatment are causing, it is time to use methods which restore homeostasis to the body. Homeostasis is the desired result, rather than choosing harmful chemicals or dangerous procedures which cause more symptoms and illnesses, that then need to be treated with more harmful medications or other treatment.

The key is to use methods which allow the body's own amazing immune system to heal.


How Do Chakras Affect Our Health?


Chakras are spinning energy centers in (and around) the body. They are part of the body's ENERGETIC SYSTEM. (Just like the circulatory system, the skeletal system, etc. our body has an ENERGY SYSTEM TOO! The Chakras draw energy into the body and distributes it through the Meridians to send energy through the entire body.

When they are balanced and spinning correctly, we are more likely to experience homeostasis and feel healthy and well. Chakras can become blocked through injury, emotional blocks, medication side-effects, surgeries, and other traumas.

When they are out of sync, tilted or partially blocked, we can experience dis-ease, which can show up in physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms. Chakra clearing, balancing and shielding are an important part of an energy session.


What Is An Intuitive Session?


There are many different forms of energy work. In addition to being certified in both Reiki and LaHoChi, I am able to intuitively pick up on imbalances in a client, such as emotional blocks, deficiencies, and symptoms or dis-ease. I am often able to pick up on suggestions on dietary or lifestyle changes, emotional clearing, which can allow the client to be better informed and to make choices which will improve their health with the least amount of side-effects or harm.

You see, true healing can take place only when you remove the cause of the imbalance. The allopathic way of thought is that symptoms as the enemy...what we need to suppress or prevent. But actually, symptoms are often the way the body attempts to restore balance. For instance, a fever helps the weakened person to shed bacteria, fungus, viruses etc. that are stressing the body, so that it can regain homeostasis. Allopaths are only beginning to learn to respect a healthy fever, rather than force toxic fever reducers on an already weakened body.

An intuitive practitioner should help the body to clear the cause of the illness or stress. "Health care" should enhance health, not destroy it!


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What people say about beth

Lonna Berg

"There are a few select practitioners I trust implicitly. Beth is on the top of my list! She is prepared, knowledgeable and gifted. I feel safe with her. I've always felt better after our sessions. Thank you Beth for being willing, able and available!"

Katie Whaley

"Beth has helped my family and I on multiple occasions. She is very intuitive and always hits the real root of a issue on the nail. She has the most sweet comforting spirit about her. It seems like I always end up crying during our sessions because they are so deep and beautiful and ring so true to my heart and soul."

Kara Chandler

"I immediately felt lighter and had more energy after one session with Beth. My health and emotional problems became more of a distant memory rather than an all-encompassing burden. Glad I listened to a prompting to contact her."

Beth Gardner

"Beth is so in tune to how you are feeling. Talking with her was a great way to really touch upon the things I've been pushing down and trying to avoid. She tells you what you need to hear and has wonderful thoughtful suggestions."

Allie Duzzett

"I'm still processing from yesterday but: Beth did a great job bringing some hidden things to the forefront of my mind for processing. I was stuck spinning my wheels, unsure of how to take the next step in my healing journey, and Beth figured out just the right thing to do. I'm very grateful!"

Judy Sceli

"Beth knows just the right questions to ask and is most perceptive. I really appreciated her sensitivity and intuition. She gave the answers I really needed. Thank you"

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