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Coming Soon! A Sound Healing Frequency Library

A WONDERFUL Gift idea for everyone, and some gifts for the energy practitioner or anyone who wants to better understand CHAKRAS!Many of you have heard of my Spirit Memory Journal. Where I suggest to clients or students to write their most cherished Spiritual memories in detail, including how they made you feel - so that you can compare in the future if an experience is truly "of the Spirit." I have created a SMJ with an accompanying booklet that has 45 prompts (questions that get you thinking) to help you to create a journal that will keep you on the right Spiritual path, it will also be an amazing .I am accepting orders now, the products will be here in plenty of time for Christmas. First round will be available to ship in 14 days.

$28.95 for the JOURNAL AND BOOKLET together.

***I will also offer an embossed leather edition SMJ for an additional fee. I will update this when I get the proof back from the printers.

I also have available the BOOKLET alone, for those who have a Journal already and just want the prompts, plus a page for the Table of Contents. $9.95

I also have created a very detailed CHAKRA INFORMATION CHART. It has physical symptoms, colors, foods, herbs, Mudrahs and much more! This chart encompasses many hours of research.

The chart is available in a 16x20 laminated POSTER for $37.95. Other sizes available, message me for information.

Or a FLIP-CHART (8.5x11) with each Chakra on a separate 2-pages (back and front) per Chakra with cover. $39.95

You can also get the information in the CHAKRA information chart in a BOOKLET form. This is available in an easy access premium copy.
Cost is $30.95.

Shipping  for products in the US is $2.80 for the Booklet, $3.95 for the poster, and $4.95 for the Flip-Chart. Buy more than one and you only have to pay for one item. (Message me for discounted totals.)
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