What Is
Enhanced LaHoChi?

Enhanced LaHoChi is a hands on energy technique which is similar to Reiki, (a more well-known modality) but even more powerful.

Enhanced LaHoChi

Q What exactly is ENHANCED LAHOCHI?

Enhanced LaHoChi is one of the most POWERFUL yet simplest forms of hands on energy work. With just a few hand positions for both the self-care and the client procedures, the  intuitive energy can go where it needs to, open channels for clearing what needs to be cleared in the order that it needs to clear, so that your body is able to enter a state of balance that was not possible before the imbalances were cleared. The simplicity of the technique means that literally even children can perform it. Remember, while we often hear of “healing” and “healers” in energy and other natural based modalities; the fact is that we are only opening up the healing channels within the body by clearing the cause of the imbalances and this allows the BODY to HEAL ITSELF! We are simply the channel that the energy flows through.

Enhanced LaHoChi offers the following benefits:

  1. Repairs holes, fractures, tears and trauma in the energy field.
  2. Offers the frequencies of color and sound, flower essences, and mineral essences.
  3. Opens and balances the Chakras and Meridians. Restores the body’s energy system.
  4. Restores the energy body to the original energy blueprint.
  5. Expands the energy field.
  6. Activates our light body. (The more light we have, the more gifts we will see open.)
  7. Accelerates opening and increasing healing and spiritual gifts.
  8. Allows for the highest level of homeostasis and consciousness.
  9. Clears both the TRAUMA and toxins from vaccines, other meds, and other chemicals that we are exposed to.
  10. Clears ancestral trapped emotions, and traumas.

Q Can I Have More Information on Enhanced LaHoChi?

A The hands on healing art of standard LaHoChi encompasses light, = (La) = movement, (Ho) = energy (Chi.) The energy is intuitive, it includes the highest healing frequencies (including the Reiki frequencies) and can clear imbalances and trapped emotions, calm fears and anxieties, and will help the body to function at its highest capacity as you continue to utilize the energy. It also opens up the Chakras and allows us to reach a higher state of awareness, consciousness, and therefore you can see Spiritual gifts increasing and/or refining as it opens up the Crown and 3rd eye Chakras. (As well as the other Chakras.) It balances the Chakras and Meridians of the body. Resets polarity and grounds both the giver and receiver. (Though I will note that I have a practice of doing both of those first as I start a new session or as soon as I feel led to do so, just to get it open early in the session.)

Enhanced LaHoChi includes the original hand positions of 13th Octave LaHoChi and also a specific generational healing position, a vaccine damage/toxin clearing position, as well as specific resets that include will-to-live resets, time perception and eternal perspective reset points.

Q The History of Enhanced LaHoChi

A Original LaHoChi has been practiced since it was revealed/restored in modern times in 1991. It is rumored to have been utilized 2500+ years ago in ancient China just like other hands on healing techniques such as Reiki and Qi Gong.

While the history of the technique is somewhat vague, the important thing is to recognize the simplicity of the technique and to learn the hand positions, practice regularly and learn to feel the energy as it flows through you and expect and watch for exciting changes. You will find different people who claim that there are levels to LaHoChi as there are in Reiki. You will find people who claim that “their” power is stronger than another LaHoChi Practitioner’s. This just isn’t the case. In 2018, beth rice was given additional hand positions as well as the resets mentioned above, hence "Enhanced LaHoChi" was developed.

Q Should I Learn Or Use Reiki Before, Or In Addition To, Enhanced LaHoChi?

A While the answer is there is no reason to have to use or for students, learn Reiki in addition to Enhanced LaHoChi, because Enhanced LaHoChi contains the Reiki frequencies. Which means that if your body needs any of those particular frequencies, it will intuitively deliver it. With that said, for students wanting to learn hands on energy, it's a good thing to do since Reiki is better known than Enhanced LaHoChi. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and at times will use some of the chakra hand positions from Usui Reiki while using the Enhanced LaHoChi energy. I have found that some people come to me because they are searching for Reiki...simply because they have heard of Reiki but not Enhanced LaHoChi yet. I can do a full Reiki session if someone is interested. However, most people, after explaining that Enhanced LaHoChi is "super powered" compared to Reiki, opt to receive the Enhanced LaHoChi energy. For my students who want to learn hands on energy, I teach and attune them to Usui Reiki before I attune them to Enhanced LaHoChi. At no additional cost.

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