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My Featured Course!

DEC 5th - DEC 9th.
It will include a LIVE CLASS on Thursday, DEC 8 @ 8:30 Eastern Time. (Video will be recorded in case you miss it or want to rewatch it!)

The course will be part self-study on my HEALING WURKS ACADEMY TEACHABLE platform and will also include a Zoom lecture on DEC 8th @8:30 Eastern Time.

New content will open each morning for the 5 days.
The live class will be recorded for replay in case you miss it or want to rewatch it.
We will explore in depth, the body's energy system including each of the 7 main CHAKRAS and how to use SOUND, ESSENTIAL OILS, HERBS, and more to open and balance them.
We will also learn the physical connections, the emotions, and negative connections for each CHAKRA. As well as the corresponding MUDRAS for each.
This course is perfect for learning how to correct imbalances in the CHAKRAS and can benefit both the current energy practitioner as well as those who are new to energy work.

This is a WONDERFUL Christmas gift for someone you love or for YOU! You can receive 10% off for EACH referral or Gift Certificate that you purchase for others, to use on your class or for future classes and other products.

The cost is only $179 or 3 payments of $64 each. (Available if you sign up by Nov 5th. A separate payment structure will be available for those who sign up after Nov 5th.) If you need a different payment plan, message me at Facebook.com/healingwurks or text @877-790-7560.

CLICK for Link to single payment

Link to 3 - Payment Option

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My client sessions are DISTANCE based via  Signal App, FB Messenger, Text, Zoom or Phone.
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