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It can be a bit confusing, if you are new to Healing Wurks, or haven't been around in a while...knowing what will work best for you can be confusing. Learn what is available below.

Not sure which visit or product to choose?

I understand that you may have a question about which type of session/product to choose.

Q Who needs a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY one-on-one sessions?

A Most of my clients start with at least a single private session for themselves, or their family. This is a good choice when you know you want to improve your health and well-being by discovering trapped emotions, figuring out deficiencies, or just wanting to improve how you feel by balancing your energy patterns. I start each session with an intuitive scan to see where your body directs me to go. You may have specific issues that you want to clear, and we can work from that, or we can just move through whatever shows up for you, in the order it shows. I will also focus on GENERATIONAL HEALING if indicated during these private sessions.

During the session I will clear what I am able to, and I will also make recommendations for you to do which may include writing assignments, affirmations, healing frequencies, or other "homework." We may determine at this time that you would benefit from DAILY GROUP SESSIONS, and/or your own PERSONALIZED SELF-GUIDED HEALING SCRIPT to support you in your healing. I will recommend what I feel that you would be best served with, but of course you can choose those recommendations as you are ready for them.

Click to book your NEW CLIENT or FOLLOW-UP VISIT.


A These are perfect to support someone who is already using my private sessions but want additional, affordable, regular balancing sessions that can also work as a stand alone clearing for anyone who just needs a "tune-up." Or for those who may be doing their own work and just feel that they need more. Each session includes a full Enhanced LaHoChi session, an intuitive form of energy work that clears what needs to be cleared, in the order it needs to be cleared, polarity reset, Chakra balancing, grounding and more!

*Click to schedule an individual or family daily group package for a single day ( individual or family - you simply click to buy the individual and then it will ask if you want to add in your family.)

*or an ( individual or family ) for a week

*or an ( individual or family ) 4-week plan.

*You can even sign-up for a 4-week subscription (that you can cancel at any time) to save.

Monthly Auto-Subscription Individual (Save with auto renewal!) ($94)

Monthly Auto-Subscription Family (Save with auto renewal!) ($189)

I also have packages that allow you to get the lowest per visit cost, and some that even combine daily groups with private sessions to allow for the most complete care and quickest processing of emotions and traumas. orc links to packages with and without group attendance,

If you want a specific number of visits or months in the group added to a package for added savings, let me know and I can create just the plan for you.

Q When should I consider a SELF-GUIDED HEALING SCRIPT?

A Sometimes an issue will be uncovered in a private session, sometimes you just know what you need to work on. If you are self-motivated about healing, you can choose to use one of the scripts, instead of, or in addition to, private and/or group sessions. You can use the scripts for up to one-year from date of delivery.

Click for my ever growing list of SCRIPTS.

Q The next MENTORING right for you?

A My mentoring program includes weekly private sessions, admission to the daily group sessions, and an online curriculum that teaches herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, Usui Reiki, Enhanced LaHoChi and more! It also includes ethics for the natural health practitioner. This program is a 12-week program. With daily curriculum released that can be reviewed in typically less than an hour. If you think this is something that you would be interested in, schedule a pre-mentoring consult, at no-cost, and we'll talk about your goals, hopes, needs and we can see if we both feel that we are a good fit for one another!

Sign-up for a no-obligation, no-cost pre-mentoring consult to determine if the mentoring program is right for you, and we are a good fit for one another.

Still need help deciding? How about scheduling a FREE-CONSULT and we can chat about what you might need.

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My client sessions are DISTANCE based via  Signal App, FB Messenger, Text, Zoom or Phone.
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