Topic Based Daily Group Sessions for Individuals
and Families

Each session includes over an hour of work, with an amazing clearing that resets polarity, grounds, clears and balances Chakras and includes topics such as manifesting, heart healing, better communication and more!

Daily Group Calendar

***Available NOW All Group Attendees Will Have Access To The Group Frequencies Library With Their Paid Group Subscriptions!!!***
Just request access via the Frequencies page contact form.

This calendar is updated regularly with new topics. (And you can even request a topic by sending me a note. Either through or text 877-790-7560!)

60+ Minute Energy Session Including Topic Based Clearings, Enhanced LaHoChi, Chakra Reset, Polarity check and more!

You can sign-up for one day, for $7 for an individual, $11 for the whole family, or choose a package. I have a variety of packages that include a week of daily groups, as well as 4-Weeks of groups for an individual or family, and a private session too.

Purchase a Single Day for INDIVIDUALS ($7) or FAMILIES ($11)

Weekly here:

Individuals ($35)

Families ($55)

Monthly Plans here:

Month-to-Month Individual - Includes Half Private Visit ($99)

Monthly Auto-Subscription Individual (Save with auto renewal!) ($94)

Month-to-Month Family - Includes Full Private Visit ($199)

Monthly Auto-Subscription Family (Save with auto renewal!) ($189)

Link to view additional monthly plans and packages WITH Daily Group Access (Save on a combination of Private Visits and Group Attendance)

Link to view additional monthly plans and packages WITHOUT Daily Group Access (Save on Private Visits when buying in bulk)

Note that you can buy a 4-week plan which you will have to manually renew, or a 4-week subscription which renews automatically and saves you money!

I also have many packages which include daily group sessions as well as combinations of private sessions. I can even create the perfect package for your healing goals.

You can even purchase past sessions and I'll send you the links, and any suggestions.


Q What is included in the sessions?

A Each participant will get a polarity reset, grounding, topic based clearing and be a part of a full (60+ minute) Enhanced LaHoChi proxy session, (Enhanced LaHoChi is like a super powered Reiki, and even includes the Reiki frequencies.) I will also do some general intuitive clearing. As I feel led to clear one person's issue, anyone else with that issue will also benefit. Everyone will benefit from the general clearings that I do.

Q Who needs to consider using these group sessions?

A Anyone who needs a general energy clearing, chakra balancing, polarity reset, and/or anyone who is looking to work on the TOPIC of the day that you sign-up for. You should consider a session whenever you are feeling "off," struggling with motivation, dealing with trapped emotions or mental, emotional or physical health issues. I have many clients who are on the subscription plans and notice the changes in their mood, energy levels and more. "I just feel better."

Q Do I need to be online during the session?

A No! The entire session is distance based by proxy. You do not have to take time out of your schedule to benefit. I will send a summary via email to those who were a part of the session. I do recommend that you stay hydrated on the days that you are participating.

Q Does it really help to just have a single session?

A Energy work helps most people, even if it is a single/occassional session! You may need more work, and some people will greatly benefit from doing regular care. You won't get the personalized work that you would get with a PRIVATE session, but ONE session is better than NO sessions! So choose a topic that you feel you need, and try it out!

Q Is the cost for a single day really only $7 for an individual or $11 for my entire family?

A Yes! Many people do choose to do the 4-week plan for themselves or their whole family. But others, especially those who are already doing private sessions with me, or are working on themselves with energy work, just schedule a single day a week, or whenever they feel a bit "off."

Q Can I really buy a "past session?"

A Yes! You can go to the calendar and choose any past topic that is listed there. Then message me and tell me which session(s) you are interested in. And I will send information on payment and the summary for that group. You simply accept the clearing, and do any of the "homework" listed on the summary that you feel led to. It really works!

Q Do I get a PRIVATE session with a 4-week or longer plan?

A Yes! Each 4-week individual plan includes a PRIVATE HALF SESSION. And each family plan includes a FULL SESSION. You will receive a code to schedule your private visit in your confirmation email.

Q How long will these prices be available?

A I am not sure. I wanted to offer an affordable way to allow participants to get the clearing that they need, while offering an exchange so that people will feel that they are doing "their part" in providing payment.

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My client sessions are DISTANCE based via  Signal App, FB Messenger, Text, Zoom or Phone.
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