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Some GUIDELINES for using the frequencies:                          Signal Messaging      ZOOM
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If you start a frequency but don't finish it, start back where you left off the next time you are able to listen. Now this shouldn't matter for an occasional time where you don't finish. But even if you were to decide to move to a different frequency, you can start from the beginning of the new one, but finish that entire one. Even if you have to leave it on while sleeping.

The player allows you to loop a frequency.

For acute conditions, you may feel a difference quickly, but it may take 2 or even 3 plays before you notice significant changes. Keep playing the frequency until you feel your body is on a comfortable road to healing.

For chronic health issues, playing the frequency regularly - while addressing any trapped emotions that may have caused or contributed to the condition is recommended. For instance, it is understandable that you would want to say, use a throat frequency for a sore throat. But consider the EMOTION behind the sore throat...feeling invalidated for instance, and use a frequency to deal with those emotions with or after the sore throat frequency.

Remember, to always #seekthecause of your condition. It's OK to use a frequency to support specific symptoms, but the deepest healing comes from eliminating (or healing) the CAUSE of the symptoms.

Polarity Reset Grounding Security

polarity reset, grounding, feeling safe, releasing fear, releasing hopelessness

Crown Chakra

crown chakra *use sparingly if not using the other Chakra frequencies as well

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