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Self-Healing Tools

I have used sound based frequencies for years and would go to YouTube to muscle test the best one for a client for each issue they needed help with from many different sources.
I decided to create my own series in 2023 and I have already seen and heard of amazing results. I create a frequency for each day's topic on my Daily Topic Based Group sessions, as well as usually include one or more for clients who choose a private session with me. These work great standalone or with one of my Self-guided Healing Scripts. My group attendees get full access to the library with their membership. Others can buy a subscription for a single frequency for 24 hours, or for week or 4-week access to the whole library.
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Image of Healing Deep Trauma self-guided healing script
Image of Healing Deep Trauma self-guided healing script

For those who are looking to do healing work on your own, or for those who need some clearing in addition to my private intuitive sessions, the self-guided scripts will walk you through clearing trapped emotions with a healing frequency, writing assignments, and/or other clearing activities in a step-by-step format.
You can use these scripts for up to one year from the date of delivery.
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"She's here..." "Here?" "Yes, in my room squatting by the closet door. She doesn't want to talk, but is willing to listen..." My friend had called to ask me to help to connect with her husband's great-grandmother then asked me to share some things with my visitor. She wanted her to know that she only wanted to help, but my visitor let me know she didn't like "white people!" A story of Intuitive Generational Healing with Beth Rice.

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Goal Setting SHAKE-UP!!! How to make sure the goals you set are right for you, and you are truly invested in the goal you set? Make sure that you consider just how achieving that goal will make you feel as you set it... #goalsetting #visionboard #believetoachieve

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What people say about beth

Lonna Berg

"There are a few select practitioners I trust implicitly. Beth is on the top of my list! She is prepared, knowledgeable and gifted. I feel safe with her. I've always felt better after our sessions. Thank you Beth for being willing, able and available!"

Katie Whaley

"Beth has helped my family and I on multiple occasions. She is very intuitive and always hits the real root of a issue on the nail. She has the most sweet comforting spirit about her. It seems like I always end up crying during our sessions because they are so deep and beautiful and ring so true to my heart and soul."

Kara Chandler

"I immediately felt lighter and had more energy after one session with Beth. My health and emotional problems became more of a distant memory rather than an all-encompassing burden. Glad I listened to a prompting to contact her."

Beth Gardner

"Beth is so in tune to how you are feeling. Talking with her was a great way to really touch upon the things I've been pushing down and trying to avoid. She tells you what you need to hear and has wonderful thoughtful suggestions."

Allie Duzzett

"I'm still processing from yesterday but: Beth did a great job bringing some hidden things to the forefront of my mind for processing. I was stuck spinning my wheels, unsure of how to take the next step in my healing journey, and Beth figured out just the right thing to do. I'm very grateful!"

Judy Sceli

"Beth knows just the right questions to ask and is most perceptive. I really appreciated her sensitivity and intuition. She gave the answers I really needed. Thank you"

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