Setting Goals That You Truly Want To Achieve

Goal Setting SHAKE-UP!!! How to make sure the goals you set are right for you, and you are truly invested in the goal you set? Make sure that you consider just how achieving that goal will make you feel as you set it... #goalsetting #visionboard #believetoachieve

Are You Ready to Finally Achieve Success In Your Goals?

So we just made it through "the most wonderful time of the year" and now what? Oh yeah....New Year…new goals!

I have watched hundreds of people set goals, and most of them (think they) want the goal to happen...but let's be honest, most just don't see them come to pass.

Why? Let’s talk about why mosts goals are never achieved.

Think back…what percentage of the goals that you have set in the past have you actually seen to fruition?

If you have struggled with meeting your goals, we may need to get to the core of what is behind you not reaching your goals.

I'm going to share some information that will make goal setting easier, less daunting, and you will find MUCH greater success if you shift the focus from WHAT you want, to HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL!!!

Think about it...there are of course times where we know exactly what we want to achieve and have the best intention behind the idea to allow it to happen. Remember, INTENTION is a plan backed with power...but for most people, manifesting just isn't that easy.

So I have seen better success through manifesting the EMOTION that you want to feel from achieving or getting the "thing" AS WELL AS manifesting the "thing," rather than only setting a goal for the "THING" that you think you want.

Are you with me? So for instance, if you think you want to buy a larger house...or a new car etc. ask yourself, what emotion will achieving that object bring for you? If you have a car that keeps breaking down, affecting your ability to get places and you NEED a new will probably feel relief and gratitude when you are able to get that new vehicle...right? So as you write down your goal, or create a vision board, spend time feeling the feelings that you want to feel with this purchase. Feel like you already have gotten it! You can put a picture of the car on that vision board...and you can also put the EMOTION that you think you will feel when you achieve it…either naming that emotion, or adding a separste picture that represents that emotion to you.

Using this method can be a benefit in not only helping to achieve the goals that you set, but it is also a great exercise in better understanding why you think you want to achieve the goal in the first place. It may even allow you to weed out things that really aren't that important to you. If you "think" you need a new iPhone for instance, when you ask "how will I feel when I get that new iPhone?" Wait…is that what you hoped for? Now even deeper, ask "will these feelings be long-lasting, or short-term?” Answering these questions can help you to begin to understand what is really important to you, and what is really is worth the effort to try to achieve.

Understanding why you want some "THINGS" may even help to uncover trapped emotions that you need to heal. For instance, if you didn't feel loved or supported as a child, are you trying to set goals that you think will fill those needs? If so, you may not see success in those goals until you process the trapped emotions behind those needs.

In summary, goal reaching tips:

Remember, unless the goal is time-sensitive, be gentle if you need to move your finish line a's better to extend the time you have to reach the goal than to abandon the goal.

Ask what do you want to achieve in 2022? AND what do you think you will feel as you achieve each goal?

Going after the emotions that you want to feel will make it much more likely that you achieve all you dream of in the coming year!

#goalsetting #visionboard #believetoachieve #feeltoachieve

If you need any help with determining what the best goals you need to set are, need help with accountability for your goals, or need help clearing emotional blocks that have prevented you in the past, from reaching your goals, stop by and purchase a New Client or Follow-Up Session with Beth Rice, emotional and medical intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Enhanced LaHoChi founder, and life/wellness coach.

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