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Daily Group Sound Frequencies

This is the place for those who have a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription to my Daily Topic Based Group Sessions can access their player(s) through the link that should have been delivered through email or text messaging.

You can check out the FREE FREQUENCY of the month by requesting a link through the message widget at the bottom of this page. Your feedback is appreciated and might influence the next round of healing frequencies!

Daily Group Attendees get access with their paid plan. I found it easiest to (at least for now) keep each week separate. This way you can find things quicker. I plan to add a search feature in the near future.
WEEK OF JAN 30 - FEB 4, 2023.

Includes frequencies that support abandonment issues, low energy, and power, self-control (solar plexus) issues.

WEEK OF JAN 23-28, 2023.

Includes a session for #FEAR, #ph #GUTHEALTH and clearing SHAME, RESENTMENT, BITTERNESS, EMBARRASSMENT, #POST VIRAL symptoms

WEEK OF JAN 16-21, 2023.
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My client sessions are DISTANCE based via  Signal App, FB Messenger, Text, Zoom or Phone.
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WEEK OF JAN 23-28, 2023.

WEEK OF JAN 23-28, 2023.

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