"She's here..." "Here?" "Yes, in my room squatting by the closet door. She doesn't want to talk, but is willing to listen..." My friend had called to ask me to help to connect with her husband's great-grandmother then asked me to share some things with my visitor. She wanted her to know that she only wanted to help, but my visitor let me know she didn't like "white people!" A story of Intuitive Generational Healing with Beth Rice.

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Goal Setting SHAKE-UP!!! How to make sure the goals you set are right for you, and you are truly invested in the goal you set? Make sure that you consider just how achieving that goal will make you feel as you set it... #goalsetting #visionboard #believetoachieve

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In the past, treating health issues meant Mom or a well-versed neighbor stirring up some natural remedy, which often had been used for centuries, to help your body ward off all kinds of ills. Now, most of the treatment protocols pushed on Americans are all about profit. #Followthemoney

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Medical mistakes and their toll on the US population. Prior to Covid, medical mistakes alone, (this references patients given the wrong medication, or an inaccurate dose of the right medicine, or other mistake in treating the patient,) was the third cause of death in America!

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Just how does polarity make us feel bad or good, and even in being more or less prone to knowing the truth...and so much more!

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