Sound Frequencies

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Healing Tools

Repertoire of Sound Based Tools

Whether you are looking to calm the kids, reset polarity, or work on specific conditions, these frequencies are a wonderful choice for supporting your body in HEALING ITSELF!

Trustworthy, effective, affordable (some even free!) #becauseenergyhealingwurks #selfhealing #healingsoundfrequencies

Those who have a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription to my Daily Topic Based Group Sessions can access their player(s) through the link that should have been delivered through email or text messaging.

You can check out the FREE FREQUENCY(IES) of the month by requesting a link through the message widget at the bottom of this page. Your feedback is appreciated and might influence the next round of healing frequencies, and all I ask in return is your feedback. Come back after you've used a frequency to comment on it.

Some GUIDELINES for using the frequencies:

If you start a frequency but don't finish it, start back where you left off the next time you are able to listen. Now this shouldn't matter for an occasional time where you don't finish. But even if you were to decide to move to a different frequency, you can start from the beginning of the new one, but finish that entire one. Even if you have to leave it on while sleeping.

The player allows you to loop a single frequency within a playlist; start that frequency and then hit the loop button next to the individual frequency. (I've requested a loop button for the whole playlist, and the developers loved the idea. I'll let you know when that becomes available.)
For acute conditions, you may feel a difference quickly, but it may take 2 or even 3 plays before you notice significant changes. Keep playing the frequency until you feel your body is on a comfortable road to healing.
For chronic health issues, playing the frequency regularly - while addressing any trapped emotions that may have caused or contributed to the condition is recommended. (Keep a notepad nearby so you can record any memories or thoughts that come to mind while playing the frequencies.)

Remember, to always #seekthecause of your condition. Meaning, it's OK to use a frequency to help your body to treat a symptom temporarily but ultimately you should be working to clear the CAUSE of the symptom. If you need any help with this, feel free to schedule a session with beth.

Daily Group Attendees get access with their paid plan (this also includes those who have access through the mentoring program) or non-Group attendees can buy access to the library for a single month or save with a recurring subscription! Coming soon...annual subscriptions can save you even more!

Clearing Lack | Individual and Generational | Famine | Trauma Affecting Manifesting

Shielding From Planetary Energy Overwhelm

planetary energies, retrograde, shielding, mercury, moon energy

Open to Receive Love and Support

Open to receive, open to receive love, I am supported, positive steps, open to receive healing

Reset Body Clock | Time Change Adaptation | Baby Sleep Schedule Reset

Reset body clock, reset sleep schedule, sleep issues, time change,

Healing Stress Held in the Gut | Adrenal Reset | Tension Headaches | Gut Issues

Stress symptoms, adrenal fatigue, tension headache, upset stomach from stress

Healthy Skin | Clear Skin Tags | Moles | Eczema | Dry Skin and more

healthy skin, skin tags, moles, eczema, dry skin, skin patches, thinning skin

Fear of Moving Forward

Fears, unrealized goals, self-sabotage, fear of change, root chakra issues

Clearing the Cause of Fears

Fear, generational fears, self-defeating behavior, scared,

Calming Frequency | Relaxing | Anti-Anxiety

Calming, fear, anxiety, soothing, relaxing

Calming | Self-Soothing | Regulate | Children | Bedtime

Bedtime, relaxing, calming, regulating, self-soothe

Back Pain | Inflammation

Back pain, lower back pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, leg pain, sciatica, nerve pain, neck pain

Lung Healing | Chronic

lung issues, chronic lung, generational grief, generational lung damage

Clearing Abandonment

abandonment, feeling alone, being open to receive, feeling safe

Clearing Betrayal Energy

betrayal, abandonment, feeling alone, lack of support

UnHealthy/Non-Beneficial Weight Release | Reset Body Image

weight release, body image, letting go, feeling safe

Polarity | Grounding | Feeling Safe

reset polarity, grounding, feeling safe, grounded

CHAKRAS | Heart/Lung Issues | Grief | Loss

grief, lung issues, heart issues, loss, chakra, bacteria virus affecting 4th chakra

RELATIONSHIPS | Guilt | Self-Doubt | Anger Especially in Parenting

parenting support, guilt, self-doubt, anger, relationships

Clearing Individual and Generational Biased Ideas, Misconceptions and False Beliefs

limited beliefs, false ideas, bias, misconceptions, closed-mindedness

Endocrine System Support and Reset

endocrine system, adrenal glands, hormone balancing, thyroid balancing,

General Energy Clearing (Best for you at this time)

homeostasis, chakra balancing, polarity reset, calming, will-to-live reset, general energy clearing

Sinus Drainage | Sinus Infection | Sinus Headaches | Sinus Pressure | Stuffiness

runny nose sinus headache sinus infection/pressure

Teeth and Gums Issues | Clearing Tension/Stress That Causes Jaw Clenching | Self-Acceptance of Smile

teeth and gums cavities gingivitis tartar plaque jaw clenching TMJ

Self-Improvement | Goal Setting | Removing Blocks to Setting and Achieving Our Best Goals

goal setting self-improvement manifesting achieving

Chakras | THROAT ISSUES | Improving Communication in Relationships

throat issues voice issues sore throats speaking your mind holding your tongue

Reverse Repair Sensory Responses | Vision | Hearing | Neuropathies

neuropathy, improve vision, hearing problems, aging, diabetes foot, tingling, loss of sensation

Help Your Body To Reset Blood Sugar Levels

high blood sugar cinnamon reduce insulin resistance low blood sugar

Chakras | Crown Reset and Balance

Crown Chakra Balancing God Connection Spiritual Aura

Healthy Gut Reset | pH Clearing | Letting Go Of Emotions Held In the Gut

Healthy Gut Reset Flora pH Gut Lining Acid Stomach Upset Stomach Stress

Fungal Candida ACUTE

fungus fungal yeast infections acute infection

Cough Congestion Viral Bacterial Fungal Symptoms Including Stomach Symptoms

viral with stomach symptoms cough bacterial fungal viral congestion

Chakra/Solar Plexus/Control Center

power struggle fear of losing control anger liver gallbladder stomach pancreas

Focus Over Fear

mental clarity focus study confusion fears worry trouble focusing

Business Manifesting Success

manifesting, business success, prosperity, achieving goals, business prosperity

Skin and Tissue Healing

skin rash wrinkles dry skin burns cuts abrasions injuries

Bacterial Viral Fungal POST

virus, viral, bacteria, bacterial, fungus, fungal infections, yeast infections, UTI, post infection

Bacterial Viral Fungal ACUTE

bacteria, bacterial, fungus, fungal, virus, viral infections, yeast infections, UTI, acute stage infections

Mental Health Balance

depression, anxiety, lack of focus, stress, clarity of thought, mental health balance

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