Cents or Sense?

In the past, treating health issues meant Mom or a well-versed neighbor stirring up some natural remedy, which often had been used for centuries, to help your body ward off all kinds of ills. Now, most of the treatment protocols pushed on Americans are all about profit. #Followthemoney

In the past, treating health issues meant Mom or a well-versed neighbor stirring up some natural remedy, which often had been used for centuries, to help your body ward off all kinds of ills.  Or when needed, a family physician who knew the family intimately, suggested herbs, homeopathics or another natural treatment after a visit to the family home.  This often meant a more accurate diagnosis since family stress and general conditions could be taken into consideration when considering diagnosis and treatment. It wasn't until the early 20th century when the Rockefeller family sought to eliminate any competition to "modern" (pharmaceutical based) medicine by pairing with the Carnegie Foundation and offering big grants and all kinds of "modern" technology and fancy equipment to the medical schools in this country (and even free medical kits to the students) so long as they  would agree to NOT teach even 5 hours of natural based therapies in their curriculum. (Of course they invested heavily in the industries which would produce the treatments the schools were allowed to teach.) Before this, most medical schools included proven natural therapies in their curriculum, but this was the beginning of the pharmaceutical take-over of modern health care for Americans.  (You can read more about the process of how America became a chemical based medical system by following this link.)

Because of this well-planned, conspiratorial action, it seems it only took a generation before people lost the ability to control their own health and well-being.  Instead, they were indoctrinated to rely on a stranger who knew little about the person or their family, whose only treatment options included pharmaceutical compounds (many which were petroleum based,) surgeries, or other machine based testing and treatment procedures.  When we stop and ask ourselves WHAT ARE WE DOING? We have to wonder where is common SENSE in all of this?

When it comes to the pursuit of CENTS through the sale of sometimes 4-figure medication doses and 5-figure treatment procedures which have side-effects that are as bad or worse than the condition they are supposed to treat, we have to ask, have we lost the SENSE to figure out what really works?

There is an herb, or other naturally grown or developed treatment for EVERY illness.       Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D., in Love, Medicine & Miracles said "there is no incurable illness, only incurable people." I have found this to be true.  There is NO drug which cures.  Not one.  I have asked many health care professionals to name ONE drug which cures. Not ONE has been able to come up with anything.  EVER.  Because there are NONE. Their are not developed to cure, only to treat (which means long term dosing.)

The time has come for us to decide that health is the most valuable asset, and we need to do all we can to restore and protect that asset.

Most Americans are getting smarter and are realizing that true health comes NOT from a manufacturing bin, but from the bounty of the earth.  They are recognizing that the BILLIONS of dollars spent annually to market pharmaceuticals (4.54 BILLION in 2014) are not done in our best interest.  Every drug has negative effects which are equal to any positive effect and that treating symptoms is not the road to a TRUE CURE.

So where to turn?  There are some simple steps to making sure that your choice for treatment is one which will be do more GOOD than harm.

  1. Remember that SYMPTOMS are often the body's own attempt to re-balance itself. Think about it - you are flying along feeling fine then get overwhelmed with a stressful day at the office, home, school etc. - maybe went in on too little sleep - grabbed a little too much sugar and ate some junky comfort food to try and deal with the stress and then BAM you wake up the next day or so later with a runny nose and a slight cough.  We might even say we "have a cold."  But what has actually happened is that the body has called up those symptoms to try and reduce the toxic load...by getting rid of toxins through lost mucous in the nose and throat.  The Pharmaceutical industry has plenty of "cures" for those "nasty" symptoms and so we grab a cough SUPPRESSANT or an ANTIhistamin and try to stop the symptoms which are meant to help restore balance.  What's wrong with this?
  2. The problem is that we have to Work to get to the CAUSE of the symptom or illness. A TRUE CURE only comes when the CAUSE of the imbalance is removed. Treating symptoms may be necessary for a time for SOME conditions, to stabilize a person until the true cause is able to be determined and removed.  But removing a symptom without removing the cause means the body will figure out a way to use another symptom to try to get your attention. (See step 1.)  And it will always be a "deeper" and more involved symptom.
  3. Not feeling well? Do a quick self-assessment when you aren't quite feeling right. How are you eating, sleeping and are you drinking enough good water?  Are you in need of vitamins or minerals?  Are you under any new stress?  When you are experiencing symptoms - ponder what might be the EMOTIONAL cause of those symptoms.  These criteria are ALWAYS the first place to look to correct the CAUSE of illness. Consider your own thoughts and words...feeling some nausea etc. ...when was the last time you heard yourself say "he makes me sick to my stomach" or got some neck pain?  Remember when you said "this is such a pain" or something similar? Negative emotions can hide in our body tissues and organs.  So ponder what your emotional state to see if there is a link.  Sometimes it takes a little delving to get to the true cause, but if you have the right intention, you can usually figure things out.Consider how particular emotions affect certain organs:

4. Except in an emergency, always consider the natural way FIRST, before considering any medications or other invasive treatment.  Vitamins, herbs, homeopathic medicines, EPT, emotional clearing, Reiki, Foot Zoning and other proven natural therapies are affordable and safe so long as you choose a trusted brand or practitioner.

Thankfully the tide is changing and people have begun to seek alternatives to the HARMFUL and expensive drugs, dangerous procedures and surgeries and instead are getting back to nature to help to balance their body systems and to help them to get and stay healthy.  Remember, "there is no drug that cures," and yet "there is no incurable illness, only incurable people."  People who make the right choices in their treatment options are more likely to experience a full and complete cure.  Natural treatment options are affordable, safe and effective.

It's time to allow SENSE back in the health care decision making instead of allowing the pursuit of CENTS to influence our choices.


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Remember, (natural) Healing Wurks!

beth rice

Reiki Master Teacher, LaHoChi practitioner and Founder of Intuitive Causal Release Technique.

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